Executive Education

Leadership in Business Sustainability & Resilience

Why It Is Important

According to five global Leaders in World Economic Forum 2016, there are several important skills required for future Global Leaders: Rebuilding the Empathy that has been lost, navigate and find comfort in ambiguity, critical thinking, “data literacy”, knowledge of digital tools, resilience, entrepreneurial mindset, team work, adaptability, as well as an ability to teach and mentor the next generation. There are also skills required in the 21st century to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, namely: 1)communication skill; 2)collaboration skill; 3)critical thinking; 4)creativity and innovation; and 5)spiritual competency (How to connect with the Universe, Creator, Others and yourself).

Schedule and Investment

Duration :
9 Days (3 Days in Jakarta; 3 Days in Bojonegoro; 3 Days in Bali)
Investment :

The Program Fee Covers

Tuition fee, books and modules, case materials, bag, and meals during class sessions. It does not include travel & accommodation costs.


English and Bahasa

Contact Person

Justin Saputra: Justin@mmcsrusakti.com
+62 21 57930117/ +62 812 91886387

What You Can Expect

  1. Tips, tools and techniques from industry & government leaders on the application and use of leadership in a variety of contexts
  2. Analysing real case studies
  3. Field visits to observe leaders and leadership in practice
  4. A group mentor for developing your ideas into a “buy-in” Sustainable Business Plan
  5. Certificate of Attendance from MMCSR Trisakti University, CECT, and Interlink Technology Australia

Program Coverage

  1. The Sustainability and Resilience Spectrum
  2. Embedding sustainability and resilience throughout your value chain
  3. The roles of Leaders in Sustainability and Resilience
  4. Strategies to convert your business into one that is sustainable and resilient
  5. Big data and its role in sustainability and resilience
  6. An Integrated business management framework
  7. System thinking as a framework to deal with complexity
  8. Structuring your organization for business sustainability and resilience
  9. Articulating your ideas to get buy-in from other board members and shareholders
  10. Understanding the concept of business shared values
  11. Integrating social responsibility into your business strategic planning
  12. Determining the challenges facing your business’s sustainability
  13. Challenging the current thinking on responsible business
  14. Learn how to make your business more resilient to major threats
  15. Leadership skill to create a Sustainable Business
  16. Design a strategic plan for investment in sustainability
  17. Understanding the leader’s role in sustaining your business and making it more

Who Should Attend

  1. CEO
  2. Owners of Companies
  3. Board of Commissioner
  4. Board of Directors
  5. Executives
  6. Managers
  7. Leaders
  8. Future Leaders